About Us

Where We Came From

Every journey starts somewhere, and ours began in the water – where all good origin stories go to thrive. What began as an appreciation for stand-up paddleboarding quickly turned into a desire to share our knowledge of the best equipment with people who were ready to explore the sport.

Nothing beats getting out on the water and finding your center. As a team of experts and enthusiasts, we take great pride in suggesting only the highest quality equipment to our visitors. Starting something new is always a challenge, but if you have the passion, we have the guidance to make sure that you begin your SUP journey with the dependable and quality equipment that you need.

How We Got Here

Our love of the sea and mentoring others about SUP ultimately led to a digital marketing adventure! We knew that there were many people, just like us, who wanted to get out on the water and connect in a way that’s more personal than a watercraft.

There is something so calming and harmonious about balancing as your drift through the water. Having the right equipment is a major part of what makes SUP such an incredible experience. Through a great respect and admiration of the sea and a deep understanding of digital marketing, it only made sense to combine the two. And so, Board N’ Paddle was born with a mission to bring only the best, top-quality SUP equipment to new and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Why We Do It

When you pick up a new hobby, it is often difficult to know where to start. Typically, you have to make many mistakes before finding your footing. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the mistake of wasting a great deal of money on the wrong equipment. Having the right equipment when you start paddleboarding truly makes a significant difference.

We have made it our mission to put in the work, take the heavy lifting off of your shoulder and find all of the best gear and equipment you need to begin. We started Board N’ Paddle to create a one-stop-shop that provides you with quality SUP equipment so that you can feel the same sense of peace and calm on the water as we do. Simply put, we are here to help you find exactly what you need.